May 22, 2015

7 Quick Takes - Vol 117 (Crest conversion, haircut revival, bad back and more)

ONE: Suddenly I feel like my faith life has come full circle. I always knew that my late grandfather owned a movie theater in Wilmington, Delaware sometime in the 50s and/or 60s. But I never knew until my Aunt mentioned it recently that my grandfather sold the Crest Theater building to a Catholic church which is still there today. You see, my grandfather was Jewish, and I'm Catholic, so it was kind of fascinating to have learned this.



As best I can tell from Google maps, my grandfather's theater is now part of St. Matthews, although this does not look like the same building.

Credit: Google Maps


TWO: From Thursday to Sunday I attended a men's ACTS retreat coordinated by my parish. I can't really tell you anything about it except that if you haven't been on an ACTS retreat you should absolutely go on one as soon as possible.

THREE: My old Introvert's Guide to Haircuts post from a couple of years ago got some new life recently. The "Introverts are Awesome" Facebook paged posted a link to it, and suddenly it became one of the most viewed posts on my blog.

FOUR: I think we've reached the point where weather forecasts are too specific. I suppose on a day like this one, the best time to go out is 6 a.m. when the rain chance dropps to 99 percent.


FIVE: Somehow in my family we accidentally mailed a card without a stamp on it. A couple of days later it came back marked "Return to Sender - Insufficient Postage." When someone mails a letter without a stamp I wonder if the people at the post office hold it up and laugh at it before sending it back.

SIX: The strange tale of the billiard club (or "billard culb") with two typos has come to an end. I discovered the other day that the place is closed and the sign has been pained over. You can see what I previously wrote about this place here and here.

Yes, I know it doesn't quite look like the same building. I think the brick and the walkway roof must have been redone since the original photo was taken.

SEVEN: My eight year old told me that she is almost old enough to be at the point where her back hurts when she sits on the floor. I told her, "Welcome to adulthood."

EPILOGUE: For more Quick Takes, visit This Ain't The Lyceum.


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