February 5, 2016

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 119 (Driveway dancing, lost luggage, stumbly stool and more)

It's been a while since I've done a 7 Quick Takes Friday post. Here goes.

ONE: Last month I spent the long MLK weekend in Florida too see a Florida Panthers hockey game and for a quick family visit. This was the first NHL game I've been to in about 20 years, so I was long overdue. 

TWO: I've lived in the Austin area for about 17 years, but I had never heard of the Austin Vipers minor league football team until I was on my flight from Florida back to Texas.The team was on my plane after winning its league championship game in Miami. The trophy had its own seat in one of Jet Blue's "Even More Space" section where it was securely fastened:

Here's the flight attendant who had a good time serving the team:

I happened to be sitting right behind the team owner. I was grateful that he did not recline his seat.

THREE: After grabbing my suitcase from the baggage claim carousel, I quickly scurried off to catch the shuttle bus to the long term parking area. It wasn't until I was about to board the bus when I noticed this hole near the bottom of my suitcase:

FOUR: When I got home I filed a damage claim with Jet Blue. They agreed to replace the suitcase and said the new one would be delivered to my house the next night. To provide good fodder for future "the airline lost my luggage jokes," the courier dropped off the suitcase on my neighbor's front porch.

FIVE: Is there still a need for phone books? I found this one on my front doorstep the other day and immediately tossed it into the recycle bin (after taking a quick photo):

I guess phone books will be around as long as people are willing to pay to put advertisements in them.

SIX: Every once in a while my security cameras capture something adorable. Here's my three-year-old doing a little driveway dance:

SEVEN: I don't know how manufacturers come up with model names and numbers for their products. But I'm surprised anyone would give a step stool a model name that sounds like "wobbly."

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  1. We recycled our Austin area phone book this week too! Crazy!!