March 1, 2017

You Are "That Man"

Once upon a time there was an important man who oversaw a big group. He was very wealthy and had many responsibilities. To his credit, the man loved the Lord and knew that everything he had was from God. But somewhere along the way his love of God began to slip. Feeling entitled and prideful, the man began making some devastating decisions.

The group under his authority had to go out on a big project. Instead of going along with them, the man decided to stay home and delegate. He enjoyed his time relaxing at home and taking long naps. One day after a nap, he noticed a beautiful woman and became intrigued.

He asked people about this woman and found out she was the wife of one of the men who was away working on the big project. With the husband out of the way, the rich man summoned the woman. He saw her as an object – his object. He was consumed with lust. He sexually assaulted her then sent her home.

The woman did not tell anyone about this. Her assailant was her husband’s boss, and she did not want to risk him losing his job. But when the woman found out that she was pregnant, she sent word back to the rich man. He panicked.

He ordered the husband to return from the project, hoping that the worker would be so happy to see his wife that they would sleep together to cover up who the real father was. But the husband was so dedicated to his job and focused on his work that he never went home.

So the important man came up with another plan. He invited the husband to eat with him and got him drunk. Again, he hoped the husband would go home to his wife and sleep with her. But it did not happen.

Now the rich man was desperate. There was only one thing left to do. He decided he’d have to have the husband killed on the job and make it look like an accident. Word of the death eventually got back to the wife, so the rich man promised he would take care of her and the child.

This is a horrible story filled with pride, laziness, lust, rape, lies and murder. Sounds like a Hollywood movie. But this was not a work of fiction. It is the story of King David.

Tragically, King David did not even realize how much he had sinned until God sent the prophet Nathan to retell the story but without telling him who it was about. King David was so angry about the story that he said the sinner deserved death. Nathan said, “You are that man.”

That moment of seeing the sin and understanding the sin brought King David to write Psalm 51, which is the Psalm at Mass today... [To read the rest of this story, click over to ATX Catholic.]

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